What is the difference between a modeling agency and a mother management?

While modeling agencies are more focused on providing for the clients, Zodiac’s main focus is in providing for their models, giving them the necessary tools to help build the most successful careers possible. A modeling agency’s main role is focused on procuring and accepting work on a model’s behalf by collecting deposits, sending out promotional work, and arranging client meetings.

The term “mother agency” is used when describing our company because our role is similar to what a mother would do for her children. We provide guidance, development, education, and support for all our models. We work hard behind the scenes so our models can sustain a long lasting career. At Zodiac we understand that it takes more than a pretty face to ensure longevity in a modeling career. Our focus is to develop a model from the foundation of an individual’s beauty. Along with hard work, patience and dedication, from our models and Zodiac’s knowledge, expertise, and resources, we can help coach each individual in fulfilling their role as a strong contender in this highly competitive industry.

Requirements to be a model with Zodiac:

Ages 12 – 18 years old
5’7 – 6’0” tall

Ages 18 – 24 years old
5’9 – 6’0” tall

Girls must be between 8-16 dress size.
Ages 15 – 25 years old
5’9 – 6’0” tall

Ages 16 – 28 years old
6’0 – 6’4” tall
If you are 16 at least 5’11, we would still like to hear from you.

Do I have to pay anything?

Zodiac Management does NOT require you to pay for any hidden fees. We strive to keep our reputation as one of the most ethical mother agencies in the industry.

I’m interested in becoming a model or know someone that can model, how can I contact Zodiac?

Zodiac is always looking for diverse models both men and women. Please click on the submissions link above, fill out the form and attach your photos.

Do I need professional pictures to submit to Zodiac?

Professional set of pictures are NOT necessary. Polaroid, snapshots or digital pictures are fine.